Pediatrics 2022

Felipe Gutierrez Pineda

University of Antioquia, Colombia

Title: Spinal epidural hematoma in an infant patient: A differential diagnostic of spinal cord compression syndrome


A spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma is a collection of blood in the epidural space of the spine occurring in the absence of trauma or other pathological bloodconditions, this epidural blood clot has the risk  to  compress  the  spinal  cord  and  impact  negatively  on  the neurological  outcome  of  the  patients.With  a  low  incidence  on pediatrics this condition has not been studied deep, with difficulties on the clinical approach in infants and children due to the limitation in the pediatric neurological exam withthe risk to be misdiagnosed. We describe a rare case of spinal cord compression on a young 14 months-old  patient  with  a  spontaneous  cervicothoracic  epidural hematoma  that  presented  with  a  ascending  paralysis.  Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine demonstrated an extensive epidural hematoma  between  C4  to  T5  with  spinal  cord  compression.  An emergency  laminectomy  was  performed  with  evacuation  of  the epidural blood clot with a total improve of the neurologic symptoms and  without  any  residual  hematoma  following  3  months  of  the surgery.The spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma is rare cause of spinal  cord  compression  on  infants  and  children  with  high  risk  of neurological  impact  without  prompt  diagnosis  with  MRI  and emergent surgical evacuation


Felipe Gutierrez has completed his Neurosurgery residency at the age of 30 years from University of Antioquia, school of medicine, Medellin, Colombia. He has over 12 publications on national and international journals. He has a special interest in pediatric neurosurgery and pediatric spine surgery.