Virtual Conference
Pediatrics 2022

Fuyong Jiao

Shenmu Hospital Affiliated to Northwest University, China

Title: Progress related in genetic research on Kawasaki disease


Kawasaki disease, It is a systemic vasio inflammatory disease in children of Asian descent, Coronary artery injury is its major complication, The disease has now become a major cause of acquired heart disease in children. The etiology of Kawasaki disease is not fully clear, and its pathogenesis is related to infection, immune damage and genetic susceptibility. Genetic research has made new progress in recent years, with the aim of trying to better discover the intrinsic link of pathogenesis and treatment, in order to better understand the pathogenesis and obtain better treatment. The exact etiology of KD is still unknown. However, increasing evidence supports that genetic factors play a key role in their occurrence and development. Studying the changes in related genes in children with Kawasaki disease will help to understand the relationship between the changes in this gene and the onset of Kawasaki disease and its coronary damage and the sensitivity of various treatments, and will contribute to the better treatment of Kawasaki disease.