Hadar Yardeni_Speaker

Hadar Yardeni

Jerusalem, Israel

Title: The Rehabilitative Daycare Centers (RDCC) In Israel - When A Dream Meets Reality


The Rehabilitative Daycare law (2000) was designed to ensure that a toddler with a disability will receive adequate care suited to his individual needs.  Rehabilitative daycare regulations (2008) describe the treatment package for a toddler, according to his medical and functional status. In Israel, there are 154 RDCC, with approximately 4,500 toddlers. At the enactment of the law, the increase in survival preterm infants and children with severe and chronic illness was not anticipated. The rehabilitation Daycare population has become medically more complex. The population nowadays includes many preterm with special and complex medical needs, many of them with nutritional problems. 

In 2015 we add a nutritional treatment and in 2018 a nurse, for all the centers. On March 2020, we had the first and only closure for of the centers, for 5 weeks, due to the Corona virus. Since then we are trying to have a routine life. During the closure, we tried to give remote services. After the closure, we had a survey with the parents and the RDCC's managers in order to improve our service in case we will need. From the day we reopen the service our department nurse gives immediate responses and instructions on how to act in any verified case in the RDCC (of a staff member or toddler) or exposure, according to the ministry's guidelines and in coordination with the health bureaus. The response provided at all hours of the day and throughout the week, with the aim of interrupting the chain of infection inside the RDCC as much as possible. An up-to-date and accurate snapshot of the situation in the RDCC is available at any given moment.
In my presentation, I will show the results.


Hadar Yardeni is the Head of department for child development and rehabilitation, Integrates the field of rare diseases in Ministry of health office Jerusalem, Israel from 2013 till present. She has been in the International mission, Ron Hospital in Nauru. Sent by the Office of international Affairs and HARI on 11-12/2006. She has been in a clinical and administrative positions in the Health Insurance Companies in Israel from 1998 to 2013. She has done MA, LL.M. in Health and Bio-Ethics law Haifa University, Haifa, Israel.