Virtual Conference
Pediatrics 2022

Hung Ho

Hong Duc University, Vietnam

Title: Support for the development of communication skills to children with intellectual disabilities in the mountainous areas in Vietnam


Children with intellectual disabilities have many impairments in communication and social interaction that make it difficult to establish relationships with peers in preschool. Therefore, support communication for them is an important goal in kindergarten. The purpose of the article is to investigate the status of support for the development of communication skills to children with intellectual disabilities in mountainous preschools. A survey was conducted of 10 kindergartens with 150 preschool teachers about activities teachers use to teach communication to children with intellectual disabilities, methods used to teach communication skills to children, difficulties preschool teachers have in improving communication skills of children with intellectual disability. The study uses four case exercises to assess the communication of 30 children with mild intellectual disabilities aged 4-6 years old. The study selects the research area to be kindergartens in the mountainous districts. The main research method is mixed method through survey by questionnaires and observation of activities teachers organized in classrooms with the participation of children. Research results have shown that children with mild intellectual disabilities have many difficulties communicating in the classroom, especially using gestures, social interaction, and appropriate emotional expression to interact with their peers. Besides, the research results also revealed that preschool teachers in the mountainous areas have many difficulties in finding effective methods to support communication to children in schools. These findings are the foundation for proposing solutions to teach communication to children with intellectual disability studying in kindergartens.


Ho Hung is currently a lecturer at Hong Duc University, Vietnam. He has been teaching in the education field for more than 10 years. His main research is early childhood education, training for early childhood educators and developing skills for preschoolers. Besides, he has been also doing research in the field of inclusive education for children with disabilities in preschools. Up to now, he has published more than 30 papers in prestigious Journals in Vietnam and International Journals. He has participated in many international conferences on higher education and special education held at universities and institutes in Vietnam. He has been invited to present at national and international conference such as the Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference, Charles Strut University, Australia and SEED institute, Singapore.