Pediatrics 2022

Kaustubh Sadanand Trikande

Abu dhabi, UAE

Title: Early clinical indicators of acute pancreatitis in child presenting with abdominal pain


We report a case of 6 year old boy with acute onset pain in abdomen and clinical indicators for early detection of acute pancreatitis. GG presented with 24 hour history of severe abdominal pain and non bilious vomiting. No history of trauma. He was not dehydrated. Abdominal examination revealed a soft doughy abdomen, with inability to raise straight leg off the bed and no demonstrable ascites clinically. He developed a temperature on the day of admission. His initial blood markers showed acute leucocytosis and raised serum lipase and amylase. He subsequently underwent imaging on day of admission – US abdomen and CT abdomen thereafter. The former showed free fluid in pouch of Douglas and the later confirmed a bulky oedematous pancreatic head with no evidence of necrosis. Over a period of 48 hours he developed oedema due to third space losses secondary to hypoalbuminemia and systemic inflammatory response syndrome. He needed intensive care therapy (D3-D21) to counter third space losses and hypoalbuminemia. He made uneventful recovery without need for inotropic support or somatostatin analogue therapy. We recommend early imaging and looking for subtle signs of free fluid in pouch of Douglas to support clinical suspicion of acute pancreatitis, in addition to biomarkers. There needs to be a high index of suspicion for pancreatitis in a case of child with pain in abdomen.


Kaustubh Trikande is a highly experienced and skilled Pediatrician with work experience in India and U.A.E. He has completed his Bachelor's in Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S) from Government Medical College, Nagpur in 2004. He completed his residency in Pediatrics with D.C.H. followed by Diplomate of National Board, New Delhi (D.N.B. Pediatrics). He also completed his 1 year training of Fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Critical Care. Kaustubh Trikande was associated with Government of India in implementing various health care programme in urban areas. He was working as Pediatric Intensivist at  Nelson Mother and Child Care Hospital, Nagpur in India, which is a pioneer institute in Pediatric critical care and a tertiary referral corporate hospital in Central India. He continued to be a part of Pediatric Intensive care unit team at a corporate hospital in Dubai before joining N.M.C. Ruwais hospital. Trikande has a substantial amount of experience across multiple Pediatric sub speciatities spanning over more than 12 years, across India and U.A.E. With his vast experience he is also active in academics as a speaker at various national and international  Pediatric conferences in India and proactively guiding the young and budding Pediatricians. Kaustubh is a certified BLS, PALS, NRP provider.