Pediatrics 2022

Masanori Fujimura

Osaka Women’ and Children’s Hospital, Japan

Title: Trends in outcomes for infants <24 weeks in Japan 2003-2016


The network database of Japan included 60,632 infants below 1,500 g in 2003-2016. For 22 weeks of gestation, the mortality decreased from 74% to 43% in 14 years. The CP rate for 22 weeks decreased (NS), the rate of DQ<70 increased (NS). Bronchial asthma (3 years) significantly correlated with CLD Type 3 of Japanese classification, but not with BPD36w.


Masanori Fujimura was MD at Osaka University. As a British Council Scholar in 1974-76 he was trained at SCBU of John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford. He was the president of Osaka Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He was a founder member of NRNJ.