Pediatrics 2022

Sergio Palandri

AO Ordine Mauriziano di Torino, Italy

Title: How to Perform a Reliable Full Spine X-ray Examination in Juvenile and Adolescent Scoliosis. Experience Outcome


Ionizing radiations, even at low doses, present side effects that are well known as girls and young women constitute the most sensible individuals from X-ray protection point of view. On the other side full spine radiography is the gold standard in diagnosis and follow-up of scoliosis, where individuals involved are typically girls and young women. The aim of this work is to provide a simple and detailed protocol to perform full spine X-ray examination in diagnosis and follow-up of scoliosis, directly relevant in practice, combining theorthopaedist’s requirements and the surgical requirements together with the care to the specific category made up the majority individuals involved, which require a particularly significant relational feature. For these reasons, a specific care performing X-ray examination in this scope is mandatory. For a better usability and clarity, we considered three main topics: a) single examination b) examination during orthotic treatment and c) pre-op control. For each one we explained number and type of X-ray view used and how we performed them with the assistance of detailed figures.


Sergio Palandri has completed his M Sc at the age of 46 years from Turin University, Italy. He is a Radiographer at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin. He has 20 years experience in the basis of  the radiological technique that he has integrated with 8 years experience in  posturology and 30 years experience in in study and practice in Oriental disciplines as the Shiatsu