Virtual Conference
Pediatrics 2022

Tomasz Karski

Vincent Pol University, Poland

Title: Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities in Newborn and Babies according to Prof. Hans Mau - problems of hips dysplasia, feet deformities, wry neck and so-called idiopathic scoliosis. Clinic. Therapy


Introduction: In development of movement apparatus in small children, youth and – if not cured – in adults - play the role two factors. One is connected with small disorders in brain – the symptoms of Minimal Brain Dysfunctions [MBD]. The second is connected with asymmetries in anatomy and in function of movement apparatus in “Syndrome of Contracture and Deformities” described by Professor Hans Mau (Tübingen, Germany). These second problems are the subject of this lecture.
General information about SofCD: In SofCD the anomalies of the child’s body are caused by “improper, too small space in mother’s uterus for the fetus” -  higher weight of the fetus, greater length of the fetus’s body and from the mother’s side: small abdomen during pregnancy, lack of amniotic fluids (oligohydramion) and inconvenient - “androidal” or “platypeloidal” pelvic bone anatomy. First descriptions of  the SofCD have been given by Prof. Hans Mau - as Siebener [Kontrakturen] Syndrom” (Syndrome of Seven Contractures). In 2006 in Lublin we added to “the Syndrome of Contracture” an eighth deformity – bigger than normally “varus of shanks” and now, we call this syndrome “The Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities” (SofCD).
Primary description of the “Syndrome of Contractures” by Prof. Hans Mau, In literature there were described: 1. Scull deformity (plagiocephaly), 2. Wry neck (torticollis muscularis), 3. Infantile scoliosis (scoliosis infantilis)) – other than idiopathic scoliosis (T. Karski), 4. Limited abduction of the left hip. Untreated, can lead to the development of dysplasia. According to Prof. P. Klisic, it is the DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip), 5. Contracture (shortening) of abductor muscles and soft tissues of the right hip according to T. Karski. By Prof. Hans Mau described as Haltungsschwäche (“weak posture”) and is the cause of the oblique position of pelvis. Through function – “standing” and “gait” is the cause of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis [AIS]) – described in 1995 – 2007 by T. Karski. 6. Pelvic bone asymmetry, described by Prof. Mau – according to our observations is caused by shortening (contracture) of adductors of the left hip and by shortening (contracture) of abductors of the right hip (explanation of T. Karski), 7. Foot deformities – such as: pes equino-varus, pes equino-valgus, pes calcaneo-valgus.
Information about nursing of newborns and babies in points – as preventions method of locomotor system disorders: 1)The carrying of the newborn and babies should be all time with full abduction and flexion of the hips – with child’s face directed to mother face – never to the street”. 2) This position is important from the first or second day of child’s life – and should be continued 12 month. It is the best methods for prophylaxis of dysplasia of the hips. 3)  In some cases – we should use the abductions devices, 4)  If the exist – wry neck / torticollis symptoms – the best therapy is “to turn the head of child to wry neck direction”. Only such stretching - rotation therapy – to elongated the shortened m. sterno – cleido – mastoideus is the proper therapy, 5) The varus deformity we can cured by excluding of Heuter-Volkmann Low (Wolff – Delpeche Low) – no standing, no walking 2 – 3 months. The axis come to normal spontaneously. 6) If the child start to stand and walk – we must remember that “standing on the right leg” is the cause in two form of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis in Lublin classification (see other my lecture).
Conclusion and practical information for pediatricians and other doctors: All gynecologist and all pediatricians should be familiarized with the symptoms, diag


Tomasz Karski was born on 2nd January 1939. In the years 1956 – 1961 he studied at Medical University in Lublin. He is the author or co-author of 450 + 36 publications in medical literature Polish and in abroad (in English, in German and in Spanish) and the author of 5 books. For 12 consecutive year he was the Secretary of Lublin Section of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Association, for 4 years he was Vice-President of the Section of POTA and for 4 years he was a President of the Lublin Section of this Association. Since 1996 he was the Honorary Member of Hungarian Orthopaedic and Traumatology Association, since 2003 of Slovak Orthopaedic and Traumatology Association and since 2009 of Czech Republic Purkynie Society.