Peter Krcho

L. Pasteur University Hospital, Slovakia

Dear Olivia, I would like to congratulate, the organization of the conference in Dubai was perfect, everything went smoothly and well planned. We were all able to interact with each other and discuss together on many topics.

Neha Srivastava

Pediatric Consultant & Neonatalogist, India

I have attended this conference and it is an ocean of knowledge for me. All the doctors from all over the country came, and it was like gaining so much knowledge and so much of inputs were there. This is such a well-organized conference, and it was my pleasure an honour to be here. Looking forward to many more.

Doutor Casimiro de Andrade

University of Porto, Portugal

It was an honor to be with you at Pediatrics 2021

Luis Angel Bolio Molina

Pediatrician in private practice, Mexico

It is a pleasure for me to have participated. I hope I have fulfilled the expectations of the congress, because in reality I speak very little English, and above all thanks to you for having inviting me.

Ana Moreira

Coimbra Health School, Portugal

I thank the organizing committee, for providing me with such an opportunity. It is a very nice conference with very nice presentations, and it is very important for us professionals, to share the knowledge and science and intervention results. Its lucky that I am being there as a part of it. I once again thank the organizing committee for making us feel very comfortable.

Erika Alexandra Parra Sanabria

National University of Colombia, USA

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave me.