Pediatrics 2024

Scientex conference is proficient in organizing pediatric conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops with the extremely talented and peerless speakers throughout the globe providing yourself and your organization with a broad range of networking opportunities to expose your research and show your own individuality.
The 4th International Webinar on Pediatrics and Neonatology is Organized by Scientex conferences during November 25-26, 2024 focused on the theme “Evolving therapeutics in Pediatrics and Neonatology – Heal a child, change the world”. Attendees has the opportunity to receive an e-certificate for attendance. Join this extraordinary forum to create meaningful partnerships with 50+ Pediatric and Neonatology experts.
Our goal is to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of Pediatrics and Neonatology to exchange and share meaningful experiences of various treatment procedures for the cure of children.

We cordially welcome all concerned people to come join us at our meeting and make it successful by your participation.

Past Webinar Presentation

Past Webinar Presentation Links

Title : Standing at the water’s edge: Manymothers within the African diaspora

Valerie Bryant, Relational psychoanalyst, USA

Title : Difficulties of breastfeeding with difficulty in nasal breathing in a child: Alternative methods of supplementary feeding

Svetlana Zhdanova, National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Russian

Title : High dose methotrexate and leucovorin rescue therapy in childhood malignancies: Experience in resource-limited country

Shormin Ara Ferdousi, Combined Military Hospital, Bangladesh

Title : Fortification of human milk at lower feeding volumes improves growth in infants 1250 g birth weight

Robert Huston, Northwest Newborn Specialists, Pediatrix MedicalNorthwest Newborn Specialists, Pediatrix Medical Group, USA Group, USA

Title : Treatment of pediatric COVID on outpatient basis

Rajaram M Weling, Bharatratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal General Hospital, India

Title : Severe pneumonia requiring ICU care caused by Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV) in infants

Olga Smilevska Spasova, Institute for respiratory diseases in children-Kozle, R. N. Macedonia

Title : AI-driven longitudinal characterization of neonatal health and morbidity

Nima Aghaeepour, Stanford University, USA

Title : Risk behaviors of oncological patients in follow up

Natália Vinhando, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title : Complexities of consent

Naomi Fischer, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, USA

Title : Allergic rhinitis- Clinical presentation and skin reactions during covid 19 pandemic in Skopje

Mirjana Popovska, Institute for Respiratory diseases in children-Kozle, Republic of N.Macedonia

Title : Trends in outcomes for infants 24 weeks in Japan 2003-2016

Masanori Fujimura, Osaka Women’ and Children’s Hospital, Japan

Title : BCG immunization: Complications and causes of their development

Marina F Gubkina, Central TB Research Institute/N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical, University, Russian Federation

Title : Delayed lactogenesis II of unsuspected origin

Luis Ángel Bolio Molina, Pediatrician in public and private practice, Mexico

Title : Unscheduled extubation in children admitted to the ICU: Incidence and associated factors

Joane Leal, Institute of Integral Medicine Prof. Fernando Figueira, Brazil

Title : The investigation of typical pain cognitive- behavior therapy and its computerized version effectiveness on reduction of pain intensity, depression, anger and anxiety in children with cancer

Hamedi Vajihe, Shahid Chamran University, Iran

Title : Prognostic significance of hematological parameters in newborns with congenital pneumonia

Goryachko Alexander Nikolaevich, Sukalo Alexander Vasilyevich, Gocht Anastasiya Alexandrovna, Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus

Title : COVID19 infection in premature twins: A case report`

Ghita Hachim, Military Hospital of Rabat, Morocco

Title : Doctor, Am I Asthmatic?

Ghada Maher, King Saud Medical City, KSA

Title : Skin rash- A tip of iceberg

Ghada Maher, King Saud Medical City, KSA

Title : Spinal epidural hematoma in an infant patient: A differential diagnostic of spinal cord compression syndrome

Felipe Gutierrez Pineda, University of Antioquia, Colombia

Title : Cases of postpartum hemorrhage and hysterectomy in Thailand's northern and northeastern provincial hospitals

Amornrat Ratanasiri, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Title : The effect of parental beliefs on post-traumatic symptoms of the parent and child after the child's surgery

Amichai Ben Ari, Amichai Ben Ari

Title : Alopecia areata vs trichotillomania. Differential diagnosis according to trichoscopy

Aida Gadzhigoroeva, Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology, Russian Federation


Who Can Attend This Webinar?
• Pediatrician, Neonatologists and Directors 
• Physicians and Academicians 
• Academic scientists 
• Educators 
• Researchers 
• Health care Professionals 
• Laboratory professionals 
• Industrial Experts  
• Student Unions 
• Open learning Specialists 
• Business Entrepreneurs 
• Various Societies and their members 
• Professionals from the private and public sector 
• Students from Academia in the research of Pediatrics and Neonatology
  • Visions in Pediatrics and Neonatology 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of child disorders 
  • Recent advances in Pediatric and Neonatal surgery 
  • Current trends in Pediatrics and Neonatology 
  • Child complications due to Covid_19
The platform featuring internationally recognized clinical experts, researchers, and government officials in the field of Pediatrics and Neonatology to provide most up-to-date evidence-based treatments for their patients. Attendees will be fetched with the following benefits, Reach the wider audience, Meet skilled specialists and influencers face to face, Networking Opportunities, Grow your skilled Network, New Tips & ways, Hear regarding the most recent analysis.
• Get an opportunity to meet renowned scholars 
• Chances to Interact, & Forge Powerful Professional Relationships 
• Access to All Sessions Online 
• E-Handbook kit 
• E-Certificate Accreditation from the Organizing Committee 
• Online publication of Abstract and Biography on our website 
• 10% abatement on the registration fees for the next annual conference
• After register for the webinar, you will receive a meeting invite link with personalized user ID one day before the event for webinar access.
• Follow the steps provided in prior, for preventing any technical issues on day of the event.
• Please join the webinar 15 minutes early to eliminate the last-minute hassle.
• Ensure that your device meets the system requirements for running the specific application.
• For audio/video clarification, it is always better to attach an external device.
• Sit in a quiet location where you will have good network access with no disturbance.
• Mute your audio while others are presenting. Those who wish to ask questions or to discuss, should raise hand and host will unmute you at the end of the talk.
• Each speaker will have 20 minutes for presentation. Please plan your talk for 15 minutes to allow for introduction and for 5 minutes Q&A session at the end of your talk. 
• In order to stay in track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation on the times indicated in the program. 
• The webinar must be organized in English, if you are not comfortable in presenting your presentation in English, you shall join with any of your colleagues as a translator and there won't be any registration fee for the translator. If you are not interested in bringing any translator with you, there is another option you can make a Poster Presentation. 
• The presentation should be submitted in PDF or PPT Format