Virtual Conference
Pediatrics 2022

Elad Kovetz

Safra Children's Hospital , Israel

Title: Mapping the factors that affect the organizational internal turnover of new nurses in a hospitals


Background: Nurses Leaving Health Organizations is a topic that has been extensively researched in recent decades, due to the heavy economic cost that accompanies it. An issue that has not been adequately addressed in the studies, despite its similar economic cost, is the internal turnover of nurses within health organization. 
Aim: The purpose of this study was to map the factors influencing the turnover of new nurses from one department to another within Safra Children's Hospital. 
Method: This study gathered data from 31 registered nurses from 6 inpatient wards who started their training in Safra Children's Hospital and moved to another ward inside the hospital during the next two years. Participants answered a questionnaire based on the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaires that was adjusted for the  present study. 
Results: A correlation was found between length of the period of training in the ward and the perceived difficulty of the training process, and between a bad relations with the mentoring  nurse. 
Conclusion: Our study lighted the importance of the role of the training nurse in preserving and preventing turnover of new nurses in the ward and also raised the need to examine the absorption method of new nurses in child building.