Virtual Conference
Pediatrics 2022

Joane Leal

Institute of Integral Medicine Prof. Fernando Figueira, Brazil

Title: Unscheduled extubation in children admitted to the ICU: incidence and associated factors


Unscheduled extubation is one of the most commonly described adverse events in intensive care units, and the main one related to invasive mechanical ventilation. It is a concern in critical care, since it exposes patients to risks that go beyond those associated with their underlying disease, and which are related to a prolonged duration of mechanical ventilation and longer stay in the hospital environment. In view of this scenario, this research was developed with the objective of investigating the incidence and risk factors associated with unscheduled extubation in children hospitalized in the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units of a reference school hospital in Recife - PE. This was a prospective cohort study conducted with children intubated for ventilatory support between May and August 2013. A structured form was used and data were obtained from medical records and analyzed using software SPSS 13.1 and Stata 12.1. An incidence of 10.9 unscheduled extubations per 100 intubated days was identified. The variables age, weight, type of hospitalization and time of intubation showed a significant association with the outcome. Therefore, measures were implemented to reduce the occurrence of this event and after five years its incidence was verified again. A 60% reduction in extubation cases was observed. Such results reinforce the need for continuing education of the multiprofessional team to constantly educate and train them, in order to improve the quality of care.


Joane Leal has completed her Master at the age of 29 years from UFPE/ Brazil. She is psychologist, coordinates a Multi-professional Residence Program in Mental Health at IMIP Hospital, as well teaches a theoretical module about health themes. Also is tutor at Catholic University of Pernambuco at the discipline Public Health.