Track: Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery

Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery


As Children are not mini adults. They have anatomically, physiologically and psychosocially differences. Early and critically ill newborns may need surgery soon after delivery to discourse defects or abnormalities. Operating on these critical newborns requires a highly specialized level of care. Neonatal surgical problems are birth defects and anomalies. Neonatal surgery is performed on newborns with defects that cannot be treated while in the womb. Surgery may be done straightaway after labor or in the days or weeks that follow. Pediatric surgery encompasses birth defects, abnormalities in children from accidents and trauma cases and more. Surgery in the pediatric population is always done with several factors taken into severe consideration. Surgeries in the pediatric population may be indiscriminately divided into major, minor, elective and urgent surgeries. Surgeries of the head and neck, as well as the chest and some abdominal operations, fall under the indication of major surgery.

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